Movin’ On Up…to St. Louis

Well, well, well. Look who’s back.

First things first? Hi and hello! Welcome to winter. Are you braising and making chili and eating all sorts of winter delights? Hope so.

Now, where the heck have I been and what the hell is going on? Well, lots of changes have happened in the Sites household in the last few months. After a hellish hospitalization in the fall, I have finally started to recover and move forward with (my now non-dairy) life. In and around all of that, I left the brewery…long story, and somewhat difficult for me, but luckily I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and started all over…again.

In searching for my “next move” and our (J and my) next #TeamSites journey , I was lucky enough to be offered a great new gig in St. Louis, Missouri. I’ll be working on the only side of the alcohol business I haven’t yet; distributing. I’m super excited to be joining the team at MoBev (Missouri Beverage, which is a new distributor joining forces with Wirtz Beverage.) I’ll be running the new craft beer team, and quite honestly, I’m just stupid excited.

Unfortunately, packing incessantly also means attempting to eat everything in our cupboards and freezer. Which means strange bedfellow meals, with less than fresh ingredients. Did you know that if you take a box of Thai Sweet Potato Soup, mix it with the Soba Noodles that have been hiding in your cupboard, and add some frozen peas, you have a delicious late night meal? (So. Many. Frozen. Peas.)

I do have some great vegan/vegetarian recipes to share…but, um, in my haste of discovering great new dinners, I may have not written anything down. So I’m recreating now, with hopes of getting back to blogging on the regular once we move. I’ll post a few this week, in case you’re looking for one last thing for your holiday table.

Now, you tell me. Who knows who and what in St. Louis?

About Jill Sites

A lover of all things food and drink, I took to blogging after a year of writing recipes and talking food on facebook. I'm a married lady, living in the rural suburbs...kind of. I struggle with cooking healthy, cooking on a budget, and cooking well. I live for chocolate of almost any kind, but most often don't eat it. A good, stiff Oatmeal Stout revs my engine as much as a great glass of Sancerre, and I'll teach you about the easiest way to drink tequila.
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3 Responses to Movin’ On Up…to St. Louis

  1. BB says:

    I have someone you should connect with… For a lay of tbe food and beverage land… Email me

  2. Jo Cicale says:

    Hey Jill, best to you and ur husband! My dear friend Jean has a daughter who lives in St. Louis. She’s married to an old family from there. I’ll get some details in case u think she’s someone to connect to. in the meantime, happy holidays and here’s to very good health, happiness and prosperity.

    best, jo

  3. Shannon Krueger says:

    Hey Jill!! So excited for you and Jake!! We have to get you hooked up with Ellen and Jason Blom, friends of our neighbors that you met this summer. They live there!! Love u! Xoxoxo

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